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Limassol Municipality


Homatas dental clinic and implant centre is located in the first floor of St.Paul court at 2, Polidefki street in Limassol in the beautiful island of Cyprus. It is well equipped to meet the demands of modern dentistry.

In a friendly atmosphere it offers a variety of dental services including implants, tooth whitening with the use of laser, cosmetic dentistry, endododics, prosthododics. The doctors and staff are well educated and keeping up by attending dental seminars and courses abroad. Digital xrays and intraoral camera are used to evaluate patients and strict standards of hygiene and sterilization are applied.

The clinic includes a waiting room, sterilization room and 3 fully equipped dental units in the first floor and a dental technician laboratory in the ground floor. The staff consists of Dr. Christos Homatas Dental surgeon MSc oral surgery university of Manchester , Dr. Dorita Michael dental surgeon, Ms. Anna Kyriakou dental technician,Ms. Ioanna Koudounaris dental assistant and Ms. Pambina Theocharous dental assistant.
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